Tagging Marketing Spend with Eloqua Campaigns



CRM and marketing automation platforms such as Eloqua can connect with Allocadia to link accounts with your overall marketing spend and gain visibility on your Return On Marketing Investment (ROMI). Using Allocadia’s Insights tool, you can easily see which costs are associated with which campaigns and compile your data into one centralized platform.

  1. On the Activities Tab (formerly Budget Tab), click the panel icon in line with your desired Marketing Activity.
    Note: Optimization of the Eloqua Connector is dependent on complete and accurate input from users. Once the tagging has been completed, Reports can be created to show the marketing spend associated with the Eloqua Campaigns.
  2. On the Details Panel, select your desired option in the Eloqua Campaign menu.
Note: Top-down detail attribution allows you to attribute Marketing Activities to Eloqua campaigns more efficiently:
  • If a Sub-category or Line Item was tagged with an Eloqua Campaign using top-down detail attribution, the input will be overwritten when the item is moved to another grouping that was tagged using the top-down detail attribution to match the new input.
  • If a Sub-category or Line Item was tagged with an Eloqua Campaign via the top-down detail attribution and the item is moved to a Category or Sub-category that was tagged using the bottoms-up input workflow, the Line Item will retain its input.
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