Outbound Actions - Kicking Off Your Activities


Using Outbound Actions allows you to push data from within Allocadia to external systems, such as PO, CRM, Automation or Project Management systems all with a push of a button. Users can easily merge and align data across multiple applications, or transfer specific data to others who may not be Allocadia users.

Note: Outbound Actions are accessible to the Users via a button on the Details panel. The button will show at the Category, Sub-category, Line Items and/or Placeholder level depending on the trigger location you chose during creation.
  1. On the Activities tab, click the Panel icon in line with the marketing activity you would like to use an Outbound Action for
  2. On the Details Panel, click the Action button
Note: If the Action is an email, an email will be sent to the specified recipient. If the Action is a URL, a new tab will open with the URL.
Note: Once the Action has been clicked, a timestamp with the User's name will be displayed beneath the button.
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