Allocadia Release 72

Allocadia Release 72 - January 29, 2017

This release includes additions and improvements in the following areas:

  1. Performance Insights: A new display of Budget Measures, Impact Modeller, and Alignment Score
  2. Purchase Order Splitting across line items and between budgets

This release marks the start of the last phase of our product re-design, aimed at improving the usability of our platform and to give you better insight into your marketing plans as they take shape. By making key data points more visible in the budget grid, you’ll have more information at your fingertips to help make better decisions. On the PO splitting side, our focus here is on helping organizations with high purchase order volumes manage the cost allocation process more efficiently and more accurately. More accurate investment data means more confidence and more agility for future plans.


1. Performance Insights: New Budget Measures, Impact Modeller, and Alignment Score display

The Budget tab just got a lot more powerful with the addition of Performance Insights, a more effective way of displaying key marketing plan indicators. Budget Measures (now called 'Metrics), Impact Modeller ('Impact), and Alignment Score ('Alignment') details now appear as cards above the budget tab, resulting in better use of screen space and easier access to key information.



Figure 1: Budget grid showing Performance Insights cards (red box) 

Performance Insights cards are available in any view that contains one or more of the Budget Measures, Impact Modeller, and Alignment Score features. 

The budget metrics card displays top-level Budget Measures information based on the settings for each specific view, up to a maximum of six data points depending on card size. If some of your views include measures that don't fit on the card, additional data can be viewed by clicking on the 'Expand' icon on the Metrics card, revealing the complete Metrics side panel:

Figure 2: Metrics panel


The Impact Modeller card shows the estimated impact of revenue and deals won for the currently selected row in the budget grid. As with other cards, click on the 'Expand' icon to open the side panel and view funnel details.

Figure 3: Impact Modeller panel

Alignment Score card summarizes how aligned your budget is with strategic investments and returns targets based on pre-defined metrics. The insight displays a percentage out of 100 for a quick view. Click on the 'Expand' icon to view full details.

Figure 4: Alignment panel



2. PO Splitting Across Budget Line Items

Allocadia's enhanced Purchase Order management capabilities now allow you to import, map, or create split purchase orders for distribution between line items and across budgets within a single hierarchy. Now you can track expenses with greater accuracy and accommodate POs that span several marketing activities.


Figure 5: Splitting a Purchase Order across multiple budget line items.

To learn more about Allocadia's new PO splitting capabilities, contact your CSM or Allocadia Support.




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