Adding Objectives


Objectives are goals set for your organization. These high-level goals can be set across three columns allowing you to connect goals between corporate, marketing and teams. Goal setting at increasingly granular levels through the organization ensures that marketing activities are in alignment with the strategic goals.

Determine who in your organization will enter the Objectives into Strategic Planner and follow these simple steps:

  1. On the Strategy tab, enter your objective in the text box in any of the columns
  2. Click the Add Objective button denoted by the + sign or press Enter on your keyboard
  3. Add an Objective description on the side panel by clicking on the Objective
    Best Practice:  Further define how you will meet your Objective by adding Key Results.


Figure 1: Example of Objective that can be entered into the 3 columns

Tip: You can change the column labels if Corporate, Marketing and Team headings are not aligned to your organization. Do this by clicking on the header and overwriting the text.
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