Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When is the General Release of  Strategic Planner? 


    Strategic Planner will be available on September 10th, 2017 in Beta, for beta testers and non-beta users.

  2. Is this part of an existing Allocadia package?


    Strategic Planner is an add-on to any other Allocadia package. A core package must be purchased to gain access to this capability.

  3. How much will this cost?


    While in beta, there is no charge for Strategic Planner, for either beta testers or non-beta users.

  4. Does this connect to existing budget data?


    Version 1 of Strategic Planner does not connect to budget data.

  5. Can I see this in Analytics?


    Strategic Planner does not currently connect to Analytics.

  6. Who has access?


    Access will be given to users who are a core part of their organization's strategic planning process. We recommend no more than 5 users.

  7. Can Users see other users' data entries?


    Anyone given access to Strategic Planner in your organization will have full access to create, edit and delete all objectives and key results in a single workspace.


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