Allocadia Release 76

Allocadia Release 76 – September 10, 2017

This release includes additions and improvements in the following areas:

  1. Strategic Planner: A solution to create and communicate strategic objectives across the marketing organization.
  2. Multi-currency Improvements: The roll-up panel on the Home Tab now accepts input of multi-currency investment targets, and there is an improvement to multi-currency reporting.
  3. Navigation Changes: New Allocadia customers provisioned after Sept. 10, 2017, will see updated Tab names that better reflect marketing performance management stages. 

1. Strategic Planner Beta

Allocadia’s new strategic planning solution, Strategic Planner, is launching in Beta. Strategic Planner helps define and communicate objectives along with performance milestones at the corporate, departmental, and team levels. This allows for complete end-to-end planning, enhancing the ability to measure success and create alignment across the organization.


Figure 1: Strategic Planner Interface


2. Multi-currency Improvements

You can now enter targets in different global currencies to support Multi-currency management for global organizations. This allows marketers to align with budgets that are managed in local currencies for greater consistency and impact for users. No more manual conversions needed - Allocadia does the work for you. 


Figure 2: Roll-up Panel

In addition to multi-currency enhancements to targets and support for more complete multi-currency inputs, Analytics can be viewed in different or local currencies, allowing users to easily make sense of their budget data.


3. MPM Navigation Changes

All new Allocadia accounts will now have new tab names to reflect the natural MPM process flow in Allocadia. 

To find out more about the new naming system and determine if the labels work for your organization, contact your CSM.


Check out the Release Notes here.

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