Adding/Removing Columns in Custom Settings


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can vary across marketing team functions or regions. Allocadia’s Custom Settings allows you to set specific Columns and fields to adjust your budget grid or Details Panel at the Sub-folder level to accommodate variance among the team in needs and processes.

Note: Columns created at the Custom Settings level will only appear in the Activities for that specific Sub-folder.

Adding Columns:

  1. On the Home tab, click on the Custom Settings hyperlink in line with your desired Sub-folder
  2. On the Settings page, select the Columns tab under the Template Setup section
  3. Select your desired location using the Manage for: drop-down menu
    Tip: Alternatively, you can also type your column name in the Search Bar to filter out your list
  4. Click the Add New button and select your desired Column Type from the drop-down submenu
    Note: You can only add one column at a time
  5. On the Field Details side panel, configure the Column(s) as desired
    Note: Columns created at the Master Settings level will not appear at the Custom Settings level. If you would like to go back and edit a Column, you can only edit it at the level it was created.
    Note: To add a column to the Budget Grid, it first needs to be added to a View

Removing Columns:

  1. On the Columns tab, highlight your desired Column
  2. Select the Delete button on the Confirm Delete pop up window, click Yes
    Note: Once a Column is deleted, all the values entered within that column for all Activity Plans will also be deleted. You will not be able to delete a column that already has data entered.
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