Connecting to Marketo



The Marketo Connector links your marketing spend data from Allocadia to your Marketo programs and leads, allowing you to see where your top-down allocation is going and give a complete picture of your ROI on specific campaigns.

    1. On the Home Tab, click Master Settings hyperlink in the Edit Settings column.
    2. Navigate to the Connectors Tab in the Cloud Exchange section on the left
    3. Click the Connect button in line with the Marketo icon
    4. In the New Connector pop up window, complete the required fields
    5. In the Workspace field type in the names of the Workspaces that you would like to include in Allocadia. This is a comma-separated list.
       Note: Ensure the Enabled checkbox is ticked, otherwise the connector will be disabled.
    6. Click Add Connector when complete
      Note: When the integration is set up, a new Marketo Campaign field will be created on the Details Panel.
      Note: After the Marketo Connector is set up, you can refresh the data that is pulled into Allocadia by clicking the Edit button in line with the Marketo icon, and clicking the Refresh button at the bottom left corner of the Edit Connector pop-up window.
      Tip: If you would like to connect more than one Marketo instance to a Hierarchy please contact Support for assistance.
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