Creating and Editing Dashboard Tabs



Dashboard Tabs are specific views that display different metrics and are completely customizable. Dashboard Tabs show you where summary views of all data entry on the Activities Tab (formerly Budgets) such as the total Forecast, Plan, and Actuals for the entire Hierarchy. Marketers can also see summary comparisons such as Plan vs Actual and see where they are over or underspending.

Note: If you do not see an Edit, you may not have sufficient permissions to Edit. Please contact us if you would like to upgrade your access.

Creating Tabs

  1. On the Insights Tab (formerly Analytics), click on the Edit button at the top right of the current Dashboard
  2. Click the plus icon in line with the current Dashboard Tabs
  3. On the Add Tab pop up window, name your new tab
  4. Add in your reports and other desired elements using the selections at the top
    Note: The selections are as follows: Report, Widget, Text, Line, Web Content, and Filter. You can add as many or as few elements as you wish.
  5. Click the Save button

Editing Dashboard Tabs

  1. On the Insights Tab, click on the Edit button at the top right of the current Dashboard
  2. Click the expand arrow in line with the Dashboard Tab you would like to edit
  3. Choose your desired option from the drop-down sub-menu
    Note: The options from the drop-down sub-menu are as follows:

    - Rename: Allows you to rename the selected tab.

    - Duplicate: Creates a copy of the selected tab

    - Delete: Removes the selected tab from the dashboard. (Note: Deleting a dashboard tab does not delete the underlying reports.)

  4. Click the Save button
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