Importing Approvals


Importing Approvals provides a quick and easy way to transfer approved requests into their corresponding workspaces in Allocadia. This eliminates the need to individually mark each activity's request as approved and streamlines the request and approval workflow by giving the option to bulk Import approved values into the Activity Grid.

  1. On the Home tab, click Import and select Budget from the drop-down sub-menu
  2. On the Import window, click the Import into drop-down menu and select the Folder, Sub-folder or Activities you would like to Import
  3. Select your desired spreadsheet by clicking the Browse button and locating your file. Once complete, click Next
  4. Under the Approvals Options click the checkbox labeled Set all import values to approved
    Note: This will mark all successfully imported cell values to "Approved". Empty cell values in will be left as "Planning". If this option is not selected, any data deleted from your import document will be removed from the Activity upon Import and no values will be imported as approved.
  5. Make any necessary field assignments and click the Import button
    Note: If you find the approved import amounts do not fit into your plan later, Allocadia's "Change Requests" can be initiated against specific cells within the Activity for you to update the request to what you need.
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