Custom Settings for Specific Sub-folder


Allocadia gives marketers the flexibility to align the structure of their Hierarchy to internal processes. The Custom Settings option provides further customization by giving the option to exclude or include certain features at the Sub-folder level. Changes made at the Custom Settings level will only affect Activity Plans contained in that specific Sub-folder.

Administrators can make changes made at the Custom Settings level. Options defined at the Custom Settings level are more limited in the scope of options compared to Master Settings but allow for more granularity in organizing the Hierarchy structure. The options that can be adjusted in Custom Settings are as follows:

  • Columns: If different budgets are tracking different KPIs, there is the option to create additional Columns and Fields for specific budgets on the Activity grid, Actuals panel, Details Panel, Grand Total panel, PO panel and Roll-up panel.
  • Dependencies: Dependencies are a relationship between two drop-down or multi-select fields on the Details Panel and help streamline data entry. Dependencies can be set for specific workspaces as the need arises, to assist with data entry on the Details Panel for end users. 
  • Page Layout: You can create, adjust, and edit what is displayed on the Activities tab (formerly Budget tab) for different Activities and pivot the structure according to a specific team’s internal processes. Views, Metrics, and Columns can all be defined and adjusted as needed.
  • Categories: Setting pre-defined Categories for Activities ensures Categories that are relevant to certain Activity Plans are already populated in the budget grid and reduce the need for manual entry.
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