Restricting Campaign Creation Capabilities (Categories/Sub-categories)


Allocadia gives marketers the flexibility to organize marketing activities in a structure that aligns with departmental processes. This structure can be created using groupings in Allocadia called Categories and Sub-categories. Restricting campaign creation allows only specific users to alter the structure of Activities.

  1. Click the Organization Settings button under your name drop-down at the top right of screen
  2. Select User Roles in the drop-down menu to navigate to the Configurable Roles page
  3. Highlight the desired User Role
    Note: Categories and Sub-categories are linked as part of Configurable Roles. If Creating is enabled for Sub-categories it must be enabled for Categories. If creating is enabled for Categories, it will not need to be activated for Sub-categories.
    Note: If Creating is enabled for Categories or Sub-categories, a user must have permission to Edit.
  4. Adjust permissions as desired
    Note: If creating Categories or Sub-categories is disabled for a parent role, all subsequent child roles must also have the function disabled. If Creating is enabled for a child role, it must be enabled for the parent role.
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