Creating New User Roles


Creating new User Roles in Allocadia provide a larger variety of flexibility in how much a user is allowed to do. These new roles can be tailored to specific processes or organizational needs, giving room for flexibility in the capabilities of the user, and can align with the user’s specific role in the organization.

  1. Click your name drop down at the top right of the screen and choose the Organization Settings (you must have been given access to these settings)
  2. Select User Roles in the drop-down menu to navigate to the Configurable Roles page
  3. Highlight what level you would like to create your new User Role, and click the Duplicate button
    Note: The default roles at different levels in Allocadia are Administrator, Editor, and Editor – Data Entry Only.
  4. Rename your User Role and adjust permissions as desired
    Note: Only roles created under the default role, Administrator will have access to Master/Custom settings, if invited to the Folder / Subfolder level.
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