Restricting Mapping Capabilities


Actuals and Purchase Orders (POs) are brought into Allocadia from an organization’s ERP system to reconcile Planned and Forecasted spend with Actual spend through importing. After importing, marketers can manually map and align the Actuals/POs with the associated marketing activity. Restricting this functionality ensures that Actuals/POs are mapped to the correct activity by the correct user.

Note: Mapping affects the ability to Split POs from the Map screen. If a user does not have permissions to map a PO, they will not be able to split a PO from the Mapping screen. However, if they still have the Edit capability, they can split a PO from the PO Panel
  1. Click the Organization Settings button under your name drop-down at the top right of screen
  2. Select User Roles in the drop-down menu to navigate to the Configurable Roles page
  3. Highlight your desired User Role
  4. Adjust your Map permissions as needed by selecting or deselecting the Map box
Note: If Mapping is deselected for a parent role, all subsequent child roles will have Mapping deselected. If Mapping is enabled for a child role, it must be enabled for the parent role.


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