Editing Reports


Data from the Activities tab is aggregated and brought into the Insights tab. This data can be displayed in the form of a Report. After creation, you can easily change the format for different areas of Reports according to your organization’s metrics.

  1. On the Insights tab, click the Edit button at the top right of the current Dashboard
  2. In the Edit View, expand the Report tab and select the Report you wish to edit
    Note: The Report will appear on the Dashboard as an independent object capable of being moved and resized anywhere on the page. To move the Report, click within the border and drag the Report to your desired location. To resize, click and drag the dotted handles to resize the Report’s frame.
  3. Click the Edit icon for your desired Report
    Note: You can also delete the Report, if you accidentally selected the incorrect report, by clicking the delete signified by the trash icon
  4. Adjust your What (Metrics), How (Attributes) and Filters as desired and click Done when complete
    Note: You can also adjust the format of the Report by clicking the gear icon instead of the Edit icon, and specify whether you want to edit the Drilling, Filters, Arrange, or Style of the Report.
  5. Click the Save button
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