Managing Approvals


Once users submit a request, its status changes to Pending and is available for review by the approver. Requests for each Activity Plan aggregate at their corresponding Hierarchy level, so Admins can view a centralized list of all items submitted for approval, as well as the item details, cost, date and requester's name.

  1. On the Home tab, click on the Approve hyperlink in line with your desired Sub-folder or Activity Plans
    Note: If you are viewing Approvals at the Sub-folder level, you will see an aggregated list of Requests that were submitted from the Activity Plans within the Sub-folder.
    Note: The Approvals list is automatically filtered to only display Pending requests. You can change this filter and select your desired option from the Filters drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the request you would like to process and select your desired option as follows:
  • Approve - Click on the Approve action button. Add a comment in the text box if desired, and click the Approve button to finalize the action.
  • Decline- Click on the Deny action button. Add a comment in the text box if desired, and click on the Deny button to finalize the action.
  • Send Back - Click on the Send Back action button to send a request back to pending. Add a comment if desired and click the Send Back button to finalize the action.
Note: You can also save time by doing bulk approvals, denials and take backs, using the keyboard shortcuts Command / CTRL key and single-click on multiple items. You can also use the Shift key, to select a list of items that are next to each other, and single-click the first item and last item in the list. Once the items have been selected, click your desired option.
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