Managing a New Fiscal Year



Users can configure Allocadia to align with their organization’s needs. A Hierarchy in Allocadia is set up according to the current Fiscal Year, and a new Hierarchy is created as each new Fiscal Year begins. Before contacting Support for a Fiscal Year roll-over of your Hierarchy, consider these factors:

  1. When is the deadline for completion of rollover?
  2. Is last year’s Hierarchy being replicated? If so, what aspects need to be copied over (e.g. Users, Categories, Sub-categories, Line Items, etc.) If not, how extensive are the changes to the Hierarchy?
  3. Will the current structure make sense for users when they have access to more than one hierarchy or are changes required to account for this?
  4. Will Analytics be Year-Over-Year or Stand-alone projects?
  5. Will current integrations be relevant to the new Hierarchy?
  6. Are there any new features being activated for the new Hierarchy?
Tip: Year-over-year Insights (formerly Analytics) run reports showing multiple years and have the option of showing one year at a time. Stand-alone projects mean that each year is its own project. You are unable to report on multiple years at once.
Best Practice: If major structural changes are being made across years, we recommend using Stand-alone projects for Analytics, since the data across years will not translate appropriately otherwise.
Note: If any connectors are set up for the Hierarchy for the previous year, credentials for all Connectors will need to be re-entered for the new Hierarchy.
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