Managing a New Fiscal Year


Users can configure Allocadia to align with their organization’s needs. A Hierarchy in Allocadia is set up according to the current Fiscal Year, and a new Hierarchy is created as each new Fiscal Year begins. Before contacting support for a Fiscal Year roll-over of your Hierarchy, consider these factors:

  1. When is the deadline for completion of rollover?
  2. Is last year’s Hierarchy being replicated? If so, what aspects need to be copied over (e.g. Users, Categories, Sub-categories, Line Items, etc.) If not, how extensive are the changes to the Hierarchy?
  3. Will Insights be Year-Over-Year or Stand-alone projects?
  4. Will current integrations be relevant to the new Hierarchy?
  5. Are there any new features being activated for the new Hierarchy?
Tip: Year-over-year Insights run reports showing multiple years and have the option of showing one year at a time. Stand-alone projects mean that each year is its own project. 
Best Practice: If major structural changes are being made across years, we recommend using Stand-alone projects for Insights, since the data across years will not translate appropriately otherwise.
Note: If any connectors are set up for the Hierarchy for the previous year, credentials for all Connectors will need to be re-entered for the new Hierarchy.
Note: Allocadia can activate the use of a Persistent ID that aids the rollover process. It is a unique Allocadia ID associated with a Category, Sub-category, Line Item and Placeholder that remains the same across multiple years.
Please contact for more information.
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