Release 76 Notes

An overview of the list of bug fixes completed with this release:

  1. Rollup & Grand Total Panel Calculations now update in real time
  2. You can select a currency first when setting currency value in workflow form
  3. Typing an invalid value and hitting enter removes invalid value
  4. Can not properly read property 'segments' of undefined
  5. Budget item selection & Column Filters will now persist after page refresh
  6. Pressing ESC should now revert any changes back to the previous committed value
  7. You can save and audit the same value if changed a value with the same value
  8. Can move a budget into a subfolder or a budget out of subfolder or reorder budgets
  9. Actuals Import allowed for text to be imported to Amount column
  10. When navigating too quickly away from the Users tab will not result in an empty prompt
  11. Create and Edit Organization fields are now properly aligned one below the other
  12. Some icons were appearing as small squares, this has been fixed
  13. Choice Name unique constraint does not prevent duplicate choice names unless parent ID is not null
  14. Action lock icon was "invisible", re-skinned this to make it more visible
  15. Logging out while logged in via admin UI does not return you to the admin UI
  16. Import history details showing "-" for mapped actuals and POs location fixed
  17. Updated session logout error message to contain useful information
  18. No errors attempting to login to SFDC if connector was saved in a disabled first state
  19. Grid Selection changes back to Grand Total on View Change
  20. Line item with value in Calculation field can be moved
  21. Column settings allows analytics Dimension fields to be deleted at sub-folder level
  22. Imported 'numbers as text' do not have whitespace stripped, the whitespace is now being stripped
  23. Logging is enabled now when sync users fails during analytics refresh
  24. Update timeout value for v6 analytics project refresh benchmark test
  25. Admin users were being redirected to login page before the home page when logging in on behalf of user
  26. Users can now hit Enter to commit or Esc to cancel on edit column choice inputs
  27. Default values in workflow not being populated when creating line item in group-by
  28. Adding choice in group-by mode will now add corresponding grid row
  29. Disallowed column creation at Budget level. Only allow at Folder/Subfolder level
  30. Adding a new line item under unclassified defaults to first choice when grouping by required field
  31. Financial columns have available Currencies property (drilldown currencies) attached
  32. Fixed some bugs around copying URLs and the resulting navigation
  33. The Impact Modeler can read property 'name' as undefined

Check out the Release 76 Product Announcement here

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