Release 72 Notes

  1. Improves Impact Modeller drill down deal size calculations
  2. Improves error messaging when moving budget items
  3. Improves permission based financials mapping capabilities
  4. Resolves an issue with limited Master Settings access
  5. Fixes an issue with unintentional field deletion
  6. Improves spacing layout in multi-select panel
  7. Improves user notifications while changing input columns
  8. Fixes a visibility issue for Budgets when a second tab is open
  9. Reduces the number of unnecessary refreshes of Insights
  10. Improves error messaging when adding line items with workflows enabled
  11. Resolves an issue with number column inheritance when subfolders area created
  12. Improves behavior for creating or updating dependency columns
  13. Improves delete options while a delete operation is already in progress
  14. Ensures columns with long names are displaying as expected
  15. Removes unexpected flickering on tooltip hover
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