Allocadia Release 77

Allocadia Release 77 - November 5, 2017

This release is a maintenance release focused on enhancing platform stability and includes the following improvements:

  • API Enhancements
  • Metric Card Updates
  • Small Changes, Big Wins:
      • Improved Multi-currency Support for POs and Actuals
      • Home Tab User List Updates
      • Workflow Form Improvements 

1. New API Enhancements

Allocadia's new API version 1.6.0 was recently released for North America. The new version includes a new API URL we recommend our North American users switch to in the coming months as the old API version 1.5.0 will no longer be supported. 

Note: This change only affects North American servers, EU servers do not have any changes at this time. 

2. Metric Card Updates

The Performance Metrics cards have enhanced capabilities and a new icon. You can now click anywhere on the card and it will open the panel for further insights. The icon has been replaced with the details panel icon found inline with line items, for ease of use and consistency.

3. Small Changes, Big Wins:

Improved Multi-currency Support for POs and Actuals

Enhanced multi-currency support for POs and Actuals, now allows you to import local currencies into Allocadia from financial exports in all currency amount columns, making global financial data more consumable for organizations that present budgets in local currency amounts. 

Home Tab User List Updates

The User list on the home tab is now sorted by status, showing registered and enabled users at the top of the list in alphabetical order and unregistered users organized by email address.

Workflow Form Improvements

Improved ability to create line items in the workflow form, when budget columns are locked. This permits enhanced usage of controlling dependency fields while allowing a seamless user data entry experience.



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