Preparing Spreadsheets for Import Into Activity Plans


Allocadia allows you to make use of budget sheets that have already been made by importing them into Allocadia rather than manually re-entering them. Having an up to date Activity Plan allows marketers to understand where they currently stand for spend allocation and goals the organization has set. For simple and successful importing there are a few formatting requirements that should be followed.

Best Practice: Export a budget sheet with a sample piece of data to create a template!

These requirements are as follows:

    1. First Row: Your first row must have headers. If there is a blank row you will be prompted to add the headers prior to import. Duplicate header names will not be accepted
    2. Rows: Empty rows will not be accepted and will stop the importing process
    3. Columns: You can keep columns you don't want to Import into your spreadsheet and ignore them during the mapping process, saving you time in prepping your sheet for import                         
    4.  Activities Format: The first column should be where you title your activities and format them as either a Category, Sub-Category, Line Item, or Placeholder
      Note: Activities Formatting
      Grand Totals: * before text
      Category: ** before text
      Sub-Category: *** before text
      Line Item: Nothing before text
      Placeholder: ## before text
    5. Worksheets: The worksheet that you are importing MUST be your first tab in the workbook 
Do's: Example of a properly formatted Activity Plan for import
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