Release 77 Notes

  1. Improves sorting user lists found under Home/users
  2. Fixes an issue with incorrect exchange rates applying to budgets when drill down currencies are changing
  3. Improve error handling and messaging
  4. Fixes the Workflow form to apply default field values as expected
  5. Removes unexpected error when bulk mapping P.Os or Actuals
  6. Shows Actuals and P.Os in the correct location when moving mapped items from one budget to another
  7. Uses the correct date value when mapped Actuals are remapped
  8. Displays the correct Commit totals when editing date ranges
  9. Removes unexpected error when changing a column Type from Currency to another Type with a default value
  10. Shows the correct grand total value when using Group by Filters while also using Approval Filters
  11. Uses consistent conversion rates when exporting financials that have more than one currency column
  12. Applies the correct exchange rates when changing default rates and budget currency
  13. Applies the correct exchange rates when budgets are in a currency that may have also been a drill down currency
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