Investment Tracking Summary Report



The Investment Tracking Summary Report functions similarly to the Investment Planning Summary Report, acting to ensure the initial plans are being executed and showing changed when they occur. Within a marketing cycle campaigns may be added, axed or modified which causes expected spend to change from the initially planned amounts.

Do's: Use this module to adjust to changes and keep your investment plan in check.


Insights Explored

This module aggregates planned investment amounts from all Activity Plans within the hierarchy and creates a benchmark for tracking against planned spend. The "On track to invest" metric is an estimate which combines all PO's and actual totals from past months, as well as the committed and occurred activities for the current month's forecast columns. This allows you to keep expenses aligned with the plans and keep teams accountable and on track within 5% of the originally planned budget, additionally the spectrum graph provides a visual to guide you on target.

Tip: Activities from past months that do not have PO's or actuals recorded will not be shown in "on track to invest". 


Easily determine which Activity Plans are at risk of not utilizing their budgets or overspending with the "Who's off track?" summary. This chart displays the planned amount for each budget, the amount currently spent (from POs, actuals and commited activities) and the remaining difference. This will help you determine where budget allocations can be made or additional campaign can be executed.

Note: Some Activity Plans may appear off target due to large amounts of activities not being recognized until later in the year. 



Where Does the Data Come From?

The Investment Tracking Summary shows total planned amounts and actual spent amounts from Activity Plans.

Required Features: Investment Targets, Plan, Forecast, PO and Actuals Columns
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