Tracking Investment Mix


Ensure goals are aligned with specific metrics by comparing planned spend and on track spending in all areas of your Investment Mix. The grey bar represents planned spend for each attribute, while the green bar is the on-track spend that has been tagged to campaign attributes. 


Tip: Examples of metrics that can be part of the Investment Mix are: Objective, Customer Journey, Segment, Product, Persona, Activity Type.

Insights Explored

Tracking the Investment Mix is significant in revealing if you are on track to hit targets for each defined area of the mix. It allows you to evaluate where on track spend may exceed planned expenditure or be falling behind.

Marketers should ask themselves the following questions when looking at the mix.

  1. Are areas spending more or less than planned?
  2. Do we know why we are over/under planned spend?
  3. Given the time of year and strategic goals, do we need to make changes to the where we spend in the Investment Mix?

Where Does the Data Come From

The Investment Mix is a collection of attributes in the Details Panel and aggregated data from Forecast, PO, and Actuals columns. 

Required Features: Forecast, PO and Actuals columns, and Details Panel attribute tracking.
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