Tracking Investment Mix



Tracking the Investment Mix helps ensure detail attribute goals are being reached by comparing planned vs current spend in all areas of your investment mix. The gray bar represents the planned spend for each attribute, while the green bar is the current spend that has been used for activities tagging to campaign attributes. 


Insights Explored

After the planning stage where activities should be given details, changes can still happen in the investment mix with adding or removing of events. Tracking the Investment Mix lets you see if spending is happening according to the intended activity mix and ask questions if not.

Marketers should ask themselves the following questions when looking at the mix.

  1. Are areas spending more or less then planned?
  2. Do we know why we are over/under planned spend?
  3. Given the time of year and strategic goals, do we need to make changes to the Investment Mix?

Where Does the Data Come From

The Investment Mix is a collection of attributes in the Details panel. 

Required Features: Use of details Panel Attribute tracking.
Examples include: Objective, Activity Type, Customer Journey, Persona, Product, and Segment. 
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