Tracking Strategic Alignment



The Strategic Alignment module allows you to connect marketing spend to overall strategic objectives to see whether your spend is on track and aligned with the planned spend in areas targeting strategic objectives.


Insights Explored

The graphs at the top section show percentage alignment between planned and on track spend in each category.

Tip: On Track Spend = PO's + actuals  + committed/occurred forecasted amounts
                                             (from past months)                           (for the current month)



When alignment lacks and you want to investigate, you can find more and dig into misaligned objectives, you can look to the "To Investigate" charts, which provide the monetary value of over or underspend.

Objectives that are over/under the alignment target by 5% or greater are considered "Not on track to be aligned" and outlines the plan in dollar amount. The amount over/under gives marketers visibility into areas where additional spend may need to be re-allocated or prioritized.


Where Does the Data Come From?

The Strategic Alignment dashboard gathers data from Investment Tracking, the Objectives attribute in the Details and the Strategic Alignment Widget.

Required Inputs: Forecast columns, use of Forecast tags, PO's, Actuals, Strategic Alignment, Interlocking Budgets.
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