Allocadia Release 78

Allocadia Release 78 - January 14, 2018 

This release includes the following improvements:

  1. Public API Enhancements
    • Financial Endpoint
    • API Time Stamps  
  2. Strategic Planner (Beta): Display Key Results on Objective Cards
  3. Small Changes, Big Wins:  
    • Line Item ID: Required Fields and Visibility

1. Public API Enhancements

Financial EndPoint

The new public API endpoint exposes PO and Actual datasets for export; whenever a user sends a request to this new endpoint, the return will be a JSON of information describing all the POs and Actuals in your Allocadia instance. 

API Time Stamps

There are now timestamps for when an Allocadia object (line item, budget, category, hierarchy folder etc), is created and/or updated. When a user sends a request to an API endpoint, the returned JSON will include a create date and an updated date in UTC format for the specific Allocadia object.

2. Strategic Planner (Beta): Key Results on Objective Cards

You can now add an updated Key Results status and visual indicator to any Objective, allowing marketing leaders to quickly scan Strategic Objectives and identify areas of risk. This helps teams stay on track and accountable for their performance. To add an indicator, select a Key Result and update the optional status field. Users can also select a color, from our default selection, to represent Key Result status; options include Grey, Green, Yellow, and Red.

Note: Strategic Planner Beta updates apply to organizations with Strategic Planner enabled and participating Beta users. 

3. Small Changes, Big Wins:

Line Item ID: Required Fields and Visibility

The details panel line item ID now prompts users to fill in required fields when required fields are left blank. Once all required fields are populated the line item ID will appear. This UI change provides users feedback as to why their line item ID may not be appearing on screen.




Check out the Release Notes here.


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