Allocadia Release 73

Allocadia Release 73 – March 26, 2017

This release includes additions and improvements in the following areas: 

  1. Financial Health Check Dashboard: A new dashboard tab that gives enhanced insight into the total amount of unmapped PO’s and actuals.
  2. Small Changes, Big Wins:
      • Multicurrency Entry Quick View 
      • Improved Filters
      • PO Splitting Enhancements
      • Warning for Deleting Hierarchy Items

1. Financial Health Check Dashboard

The Health Check Dashboard just got a lot more powerful with the addition of a new tab for enhanced insights into total amounts of unmapped PO’s and actuals. This enhancement allows users to easily see where unmapped PO’s and actuals are located within the hierarchy, along with their dollar values, for quick and easy mapping and reconciliation. This allows marketers to stay more easily aligned and on target with spend, while being an excellent management tool for System Administrators.

Drop us a note at today to find out how you can start using this new dashboard.



Figure 1: Finance Health Check


2. Small Changes, Big Wins

Allocadia has introduced some small workflow changes aimed at improving the usability of our platform for big impact results based on feedback from you, our users.


Multicurrency Entry Quick View Filter

Users now have an easier way to view where multicurrency entries have been made using the in-cell multi-currency calculator within a budget, with the introduction of a new Show Original Currency filter. This filtered view highlights cells where multi-currency entries have been made and include both the original entry dollar value or base value and the currency.



Figure 2: Show Original Currency Filter


Filter Selection Maintained

Filter selections for scenario tags, forecast tags, approvals, $0 rows and the new multicurrency filters are now maintained between budgets in a given hierarchy, allowing you to move between budgets and not have to re-filter the information.


PO Splitting Enhancements

The addition of a PO split column on the PO Panel allows for easy viewing of completed PO splits for specific activities. If a PO is not split, it will display as 100% to acknowledge full allocation to the current activity.

The PO Panel will also feature a tooltip over currency cells for a view of the total PO amount and the PO split without ever needing to open the edit page.


Warning for Deleting Hierarchy Items

A validation prompt to ensure Home tab folders and budgets are not deleted by accident. As a System Administrator, you will now be asked to verify any deletion to the home tab hierarchy by manually entering the name of the folder you wish to delete to avoid unintentional loss of data.


Figure 3: Warning for Deleting Hierarchy Items


Learn more about Release 73 in the demo video below:

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