Release 73 Notes

  • Enables users to change dependencies for a category in complex cases
  • Improves display of create buttons on Home tab
  • Improves visibility of filter options while hovering over tooltips
  • Enables Editor role to split unmapped PO from the Budget Map POs screen
  • Enables upload of SSO metadata file with larger file size
  • Provides more accurate refresh status message for connectors that are disabled
  • Improves scheduled imports for multiple files
  • Improve Split PO Panel, split% of default row can be updated
  • Orders imports of PO and Actuals in the map panel more consistently
  • Improves performance of creating a PO
  • Correctly displays the Location of Import History Replaced Details
  • User is able to create/edit a PO on a line item with a scenario tag set (PO Splitting and Scenario Tags)
  • Improves creating new line items/categories in a budget with 200+ items (places the cursor into cell to rename the line item)
  • Improves refresh of analytics with a BI export running concurrently
  • Enhances BI Export performance
  • Removes Grand Total row data for BI Exports for Line Item Measures dataset
  • Uses correct exchange rate for PO BI-Export currency values
  • Improves conversion of currency cells in PO BI-Export
  • Improves Custom settings page layout in Firefox 50.0 Shockwave Flash 24.0 r0
  • Fixes connector refresh failure caused by update in SFDC that changed the labels of several campaign fields
  • Improves View rollup with missing access to a sub-folder
  • Makes it easier to tell which rows are selected in Multi-select lists
  • Improves GD user sync when there are users in hierarchy with no org
  • Updates Category total and Grand total calculation involving non-calculating currency
  • Update PO Vendor/Description/Owner in PO panel no longer causes PO Amount update record in audit log
  • Fixes Group By filter to always show Default choice
  • Displays new manually created actuals in the correct location before and after reloading the actuals panel
  • Removes redundant audit record for updating Commit/Invoice Column cell values
  • Displays date picker widget on Budget Audit Trail in correct Z-index for small resolutions
  • Takes User back to Move Item dialog if no or cancel is selected
  • Changes cell comment menu to “Edit Comment” when a comment exists
  • Creates logs for when user fails to login because they don't belong to an organization
  • Adds the Required Checkbox PO Amount/Start Date/End Date/Number fields
  • Updates Override / Inherit tooltip immediately after moving a line item
  • Improves Impact Modeller to mitigate error regarding property ‘name’
  • Improves display of ellipsis text color to be consistent with other text on hover
  • Highlights active row when user is editing grid for Actuals or Impact Modeller
  • Improves export data for line items when exporting while filtering $0 rows
  • Improves error messaging for Approvals when a change request is approved for a Locked column/item
  • Centers Required Red bar for SSO Logout redirect URL
  • Shows URL on budget grid if only URL is entered into a text column
  • Fixes GD export file when a calculation column exists with no formula, show other formulas properly
  • Enables save on Page Layout when the only change is column order
  • Improves display of Tooltips that were covered by the mouse cursor
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