Accessing Your Workspace



In Allocadia the Budget Tab is your workspace. The workspace contains all the marketing spend data and is where you will be tracking that spend. You can access your workspace in two ways:

  1. Launch your Workspace from the Home Tab
  2. Open the Budget Tab

Launch your Workspace from the Home Tab:

  1. On the Home tab, locate the budget you would like to work in
  2. Click the green Go to Budget hyperlink in line with the name of your budget
  3. Your view will change to that specific budget’s workspace
Best Practice: Launching from the Home Tab is the method we recommend as it is the most direct and helps you avoid opening the wrong budget!

Open the Budget Tab:

  1. Click on the Budget Tab at the top of the page
Tip: The workspace you see on the screen will be the last workspace you were working in.
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