Holding Funds for Later Allocation


Using a Placeholder allows you to plan at a high-level and track costs at a granular level when Forecast amounts are unknown. A Placeholder is generally used during the planning phase and holds funds for future spend. It is used when the specific marketing activities have not yet been determined, but funds need to be reserved in the overall allocation.

For example, when planning to attend a tradeshow you may have an estimated budget of $100,000 but may not specifically know how that money will be spent until further planning is done to determine individual activities at the tradeshow. To hold the funds in the budget you would add $100,000 in the Plan column for the month or quarter the tradeshow will take place. 

  1. On the Activities tab, determine where you would like to add the Placeholder
    Tip: Adding a Placeholder within a Category, easily allows you to forecast against that Placeholder when more granular costs are known.
  2. Click the Placeholder button
  3. Name your Placeholder. The Placeholder line will appear in italics to differentiate it from the other marketing activities
    Best Practice: As your marketing activities will display in reporting, we recommend that being descriptive with naming Placeholders. For example, SiriusDecisions Summit Placeholder.


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