Viewing Aggregate Totals of Activities at the Category Level


In Allocadia, if Marketing Activities are grouped under Categories or Sub-categories, the values they contain aggregate at their respective levels. The aggregate total will be in line with the Category or Sub-category and is comprised of all the values in the grouping added up. This allows for increased usability as you can roll up the groupings and see the total marketing spend amounts for groups of marketing activities in your Activity Plans, without ever doing any calculations yourself.

  1. Locate the grouping you would like to see the aggregate total for
    Tip: Aggregate totals at the Category and Sub-category level will contain the values from Marketing Activities, Sub-categories, and any marketing activities within those Sub-categories.
  2. The aggregate total will appear in line with the name of the grouping for each column
    Best Practice: Group like marketing activities; organizing your spend in this way saves time and allows for greater visibility into your spend because of the auto summation of aggregates at the Category levels.
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