What is a Plan Column?


The Plan column in Allocadia is where you enter your initial estimate of marketing activities during the planning season. This allows you to see the difference between the initial estimate of marketing spend data and your actual spend. The Plan column can be used as a reference to ensure you stay aligned with your overall top-down allocation.

The Plan column is used at the beginning of the Fiscal Year or Quarter to define the Plan for that period. Once the Plan is approved, the Plan column is often locked down and becomes read-only, so marketers can reference what was originally planned and compare with current Forecasted totals and actual spend when updating their Activity Plan. When there are changes to the Plan after the Plan columns are locked, the Forecast column is used to record the updates.

Note: Once the Plan column is locked, you will not be able to delete any marketing activities that contain a value in the Plan.
Best Practice: We recommend locking Plan columns after the plan is defined for each month (cadence may vary by organizational processes) to provide the organization with a benchmark to compare with their current spend against. Plan columns should always be locked after the planning period.
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