Tracking your Forecast Using Tags



Allocadia enables marketers to tag forecasted spend by spend status enabling easy filtering of spend data allowing you to keep up to date with what’s happening with your spend.  This gives you greater visibility and insight into your true Forecast by considering your Committed, Occurred and Optional spend. Tags allow you to understand quickly and easily allocate costs and track how you're managing your spend.

Tagging Spend:

  1. On the Budget Tab, click the colored dot beside the Forecasted amount for the Marketing Activity you would like to tag
    Note: To tag an activity with a Forecast Status Tag, there must be an amount in the Forecast Column for that activity
  2. Select your desired Forecast Status Tag from the drop-down menu
    Best Practice: Common Forecast Status Tags
    - Forecast (gold) – What I think I am going to spend. Initially, this should be the same value as the planned amount.
    - Committed (green) - I am contractually obligated to this activity
    - Occurred (blue) - This spend activity has occurred during this month and should be recognized in this month
    - Optional (pink) - "If we have extra money, I would like to spend this amount", OR "If the budget gets cut we can remove this spend".

    Tags may vary between organizations

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