Manually Entering Purchase Orders


Allocadia allows you to import large sets of Purchase Orders (POs) at a time, but there can be instances where you want to add fewer POs. Rather than spending the time needed to format and import a sheet of POs, you can manually associate them with their corresponding marketing activity. Some organizations do not import POs for a variety of reasons and instead choose to manually add all purchase orders.

  1. On the Activities tab, click the Panel icon in line with the marketing activities that you would like to add a PO to.

  2. On the Details panel, click the PO panel icon.

  3. Click the Add Purchase Order button.

    Note: If the Add Purchase Order button is greyed out, you do not have the correct permission to add POs. If you require updated permissions to add POs in Allocadia contact your System Administrator.
  4. On the PO Details page, fill in the required details then click Create.
    Tip: To edit an existing PO, click the Edit PO button and change the details on the PO Details page as desired.

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