Moving Your Marketing Activities


Allocadia allows you to collaborate with others to create strategic marketing plans. The ability to move marketing activities (Line Items) between Activity Plans makes reallocating costs between different departments simple and efficient. 

  1. On the Activities tab, highlight the Category, Sub-category or marketing activity/Line item you want to move
    Note: You can only move activities between Activity Plans you have access to.
  2. Right-click and select Move Row. A pop-up Move Display Window will appear, where you will decide where to move your activities
    Note: You cannot move marketing activities across fiscal years.
  3. Follow the steps as displayed in the Move display window. First, select the Activity Plan you will be moving your activities into, then select the grouping they will go under if applicable
    Note: If no Category or Sub-category is selected, the marketing activity will be placed at the top of the Activity Plan
  4. Click the Move Row button
    Note: If there are POs and Actuals attached, Allocadia will remind you to remove any POs and Actuals before you move the activities. You can add them back in after the move.

Moving Line Items and Currency

When moving Marketing Activities between Activity Plans with different currencies, the Plan and Forecast amounts for that activity will convert to that specific Plan's master currency

Moving Line Items and Custom Columns

When Marketing Activities are moved from an Activity Plan with Custom Columns to a Plan without, the information stored in the Custom Column will be lost.

To keep all your data up to date, Columns and Views in each Plan should be aligned before a move takes place, avoiding loss of information. If your activity appears to be missing information after a move is made, contact your System Administrator.

Moving Line Items and Dependencies

Dependencies are rules, which help streamline the flow of information in Allocadia based on controlling and contingent fields. When controlling fields are selected, contingent fields will appear for additional information. Consequently, an error may occur when moving activities if the dependencies in the Activity Plans differ.

Moving Line Items and Fixed Categories

Fixed categories cannot be moved because they are set within the Activity Plan, whereas Marketing activities can be moved around freely. If you try to move a Fixed Category, you will notice the text is greyed out. Instead, move the Marketing Activities and if you need to create a new Sub-category for them in the new plan, you can do so either before or after moving the activities. This will keep them separate from other activities that may already be present in the plan, and organize them as they were in the original plan. 

When moving Marketing Activities into Activity Plans with Fixed Categories, activities must be assigned to one of those predefined Categories. If you want the Marketing Activities to be grouped together, you can create a Sub-category within the Fixed Category.

Moving Line Items and Approvals

When moving Marketing Activities into Activity Plans with Approvals enabled, the approval process will restart at the planning phase and all activities will need to be re-approved. This ensures that approvers are aware of activities moving between plans.

Moving Line Items and Locked Category Budgets

When Categories or Sub-categories are locked, the move feature is disabled. To move activities from a locked Activity Plan, contact an Administrator to unlock the Plan.

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