ROMI Dashboard


Allocadia gives marketing leaders complete visibility into their marketing performance. Allocadia can integrate with CRM, finance, marketing technology systems and offers powerful analytics providing CMOs quick and accurate insights into any aspect of marketing — from plans all the way through to revenue.

The ROMI (Pipeline) Dashboard consist of 3 different tabs to help marketing leaders:

Pipeline Planning Summary (Strategic ROI)

Helps your team thoroughly track how they have completed the required classifications and attributes for their budgets. Use the Impact Modeller in Allocadia to calculate estimated revenue from the various activities they're planning.


Pipeline Tracking Summary (Strategic ROI)

Use the Pipeline Tracking dashboard to monitor progress toward revenue goals, and to identify where your efforts may be falling short.

Note: This Dashboard uses data from your CRM system.


Campaign Tracking Summary (Tactical ROI)

Allowing you to determine which activities drive buyer behavior is vital to understanding the impact of your marketing efforts. But it's a complex task and very much dependent on which question you're trying to answer. Our Tactical ROI dashboard allows Marketing Leaders to answer the following questions:

  • Which activities are best for initial awareness? (First Touch Attribution)
  • Which are best for creating opportunities? (Last Touch Attribution)
  • Which are best for keeping prospects engaged and interested? (Multi-Touch Attribution)
Note: The Tactical ROI dashboard requires data from Salesforce CRM.
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