Creating the Hierarchy


The Home Tab Hierarchy is the foundation of budgeting and planning within Allocadia for each fiscal year. It is a level based structure that consists of Folders, Sub-folders, and Activity Plans that allow for categorization of marketing spend and often reflects the marketing team's organizational structure. The Hierarchy is created during implementation with consultation from the Allocadia Team.

To create a Hierarchy for a given fiscal year 

  1. On the Home Tab, click +New button and select Folder from the drop-down list
  2. Name the Folder
    Best Practice: The top-level folder is always named with the name of the organization and the year. For example, Allocadia 2017
  3. Click the Create button
    Next Steps: Once the top-level folder is created and the structure of the Hierarchy is decided. Continue to add folders and Activity Plans by selecting the "+New" button and adding elements as required.
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