Removing Users from the Hierarchy


In Allocadia, Users can only see the workspaces they have been given access to. This allows for protection of confidential data, improved navigation, better transparency, and accountability for those who are invited to the workspace. You can also remove users from individual Sub-folders and workspaces while ensuring they still have access to other Sub-folders and workspaces for a specific set of Folders for each marketer in line with their team responsibilities.

  1. On the Home tab find the Folder, Sub-folder or workspace where you would like to remove the User(s) from
    Note: If a user must be removed from the entire Hierarchy and was invited at multiple Sub-folders or Activity Plans (formerly Budgets) they will need to be removed at each of the levels they were invited to.
  2. In the Manage Users Column, Click the Edit hyperlink
    Note: If you are removing a user at a Folder or Sub-folder, define if you would like the changes to apply to all Sub-Folders and Activity Plans within the selected Folder or Sub-folder; or if the changes should apply to this Folder only.
    Note: Owners cannot be removed from the Hierarchy, contact Allocadia Support for more information.
  3. Highlight the user you would like to remove
  4. Click Remove 

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