Editing a User's Role


Users can hold multiple roles within a Hierarchy. For example, a User can be a Viewer at the top level of the Hierarchy to see all the workspaces, an Administrator of a regional Sub-folder, and an Editor for Activity Plans. Editing User Roles allows you to control who has what permissions at different levels of the Hierarchy.

  1. On the Home tab, in the Manage Users column, click the Edit hyperlink in line with the Folder, Sub-folder or Activity Plan where you would like to adjust the User's Role
    Note: If you would like to change a User's Role for the entire application you will need to make the change at the Folder, Sub-folder or Activity Plan they were invited to. If you change a User's Role at a lower level of the Hierarchy that role assigned at the upper level will remain.
  2. On the Share With tab, click on the role drop-down menu in line with the user's name
    Note: You cannot change the Owner’s role. Contact Allocadia Support for changing Owners.
  3. Select the new role that you would like the user to hold
    Tip: If you are editing a User Role at the Folder or Sub-folder, define if you would like the changes to apply to all Sub-folders and Activity Plans within the selected Folder or Sub-folder.
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