How Do You Resend An Invite To Allocadia?


After being invited to your organization’s Hierarchy, Users should receive a registration email to sign up and access Allocadia. If for any reason a User does not receive the email after they have been invited, or they have not responded to the invitation before it expired, you can resend the invitation email to them. As an Owner or Administrator it is important to monitor access and send reminders to new Users if they have not registered, as registration links expire after 72 hours.

In order to resend an invite, you must have access to the Manage Users column. Owners and Administrators typically have that access. 

1. On the Home tab, in the Manage Users column, click the Edit hyperlink in line with the Folder, Sub-folder or Activity Plan your User is being invited to

2. Select the User you are resending the invitation email to

3. Click the Send Invite button

4. On the Confirmation pop up, press Yes

Note: The status of the invitation email for each User will be displayed in the Notification Column. The status is also affected by the level of the Hierarchy the User was invited to. For example, if the User was sent an invite to the Folder containing Activity Plans but was not invited to the individual Activity Plan, the Folder will display the invite was sent, but the individual Activity Plan will not.
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