User Engagement – Best Practices for Inviting New Users


You only get one chance to make a first impression. Helping your new users start off right will help drive adoption, improve the integrity of your data, improve the reporting outputs and ultimately drive more value for your organization.

  1. Provide users with context for why they will be receiving a login. This can be done through an email communication or meeting. First, share what role Allocadia plays in your marketing organization and highlight the benefits both for your organization and for them as a marketer.
    Tip: Share a video product tour like this one to give your users a sneak peek.
  2. Invite users to training. Whether this is a live session or a set of resources that inspire confidence and let them know support is readily available to them from day one.
    Tip: As a general guideline, we’ve found the best Activity Plan to user ratio is 1:1.
  3. Create the user in Allocadia. A request to register and a welcome email will be automatically sent to them.
  4. Follow up within a week of creating the user to encourage them to login and use the training.  Offer additional resources and support.
    Next Steps: It is a good idea to have ongoing training or information sessions for users, so make sure you have a calendar for these additional training or information sessions. You can also encourage users to attend Allocadia Expert Hours, a session for our team to chat with yours.
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