Multi Currency within an Activity plan



In cases where you are housing multiple activities in the same Activity Plan but have different currency values, the drill down currency feature allows you to set different currency rates for multiple currency entries in a single Activity Plan. This is valuable as your monthly exchange rates change through the course of your fiscal year.

Note: You will not be able to edit the Drill-down Exchange rates of locked columns, with exception of the PO and Actuals columns. In order to do so, the Administrator of the budget must first unlock the columns. PO and Actuals columns are treated differently as these columns do not support multi-currency input, and the drill down exchange rate for an Actuals column will not affect previously entered values if the rate is edited.
  1. On the Home Tab, select Master Settings in line with the desired Folder
  2. On the Settings page, navigate to the Currency Tab under Template Setup
  3. Click on the Drill-down Currencies drop-down list to the right of the screen and tick the checkbox of the desired currency. The selected currency will be added under the Drill-down Exchange Rates.
    Note: If you wish to remove a Drill-down currency, deselect the checkbox from the Drill-down currency drop down. However, if the currency is in use for an Activity Plan you will not be able to remove it from the Drill-down section.
  4. Enter custom column exchange rates for any currencies shown in the Drill-down Exchange Rates section as needed. By default, all of your currency type columns display here.
    Note: Disabling a Drill-down currency will not affect any cells that are already using the currency; it will only remove this currency from the budget cell input drop down.
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