Setting Up the Impact Modeller


Allocadia’s Impact Modeller is a feature that will help you see how each planned Marketing Activity is expected to contribute to your organization’s revenue goals. The configuration considers your Top of Funnel Metric and your pre-defined drill-down conversion rates through the funnel all the way to closed-won opportunity values. This allows for clearer visibility when aligning Activity priorities to business outcomes.

  1. On the Home tab, click the Master Settings hyperlink in line with the desired Folder
    Tip: You can see the quick impact of your activity displayed in the Performance Insight card above your Activity Plans if configured, or get the full funnel view from the Panel.
  2. Navigate to the Columns Tab under Template Setup on the left and create Columns as desired for your funnel inputs.
    Tip: For example, if you would like to track leads by month, create a new Column for each month.
  3. Navigate to the Impact Modeller tab under Strategic Planning and click +Add Fields to select your input fields for the top of the funnel.
  4. Click +Add Stage to input the funnel stages and set the default conversion rates
    Tip: To delete your funnel stages, highlight the desired stage and click the Delete button.
  5. Select the Primary Attribute from the drop-down list to set your drill-down conversion rates
  6. Enter a monetary value to set your default average deal size
  7. Customize the funnel for each combination of attributes in the Primary Attribute drop-down list to set your drill-down deal sizes
  8. On the Visibility tab, check the boxes for the Folders within your Home tab where you would like the Impact Modeller to appear
    Tip: You can create multiple Impact Modellers for different levels within your Hierarchy at the Master Settings level dependent on your business needs.
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