Adding/Removing Columns from the Activity Plan


Allocadia allows you to add or remove Custom Columns from the Activity Plans to track valuable information specific to your Marketing Activities. Marketing teams can use the information collected to answer their companies’ marketing business questions as well as plan Marketing Activities, forecast spends and keep track of Purchase Orders (POs) and Actuals.

Adding Columns

  1. On the Home tab, click the Master Settings hyperlink in the Edit Settings column
    Note: You can also edit columns for Sub-folders by clicking the Custom Settings hyperlink in line with that Sub-folder. The Master and Custom settings only appear at the Folder and Sub-folder level respectively.
  2. On the Settings page, select the Columns tab
  3. On the Columns tab, click into the Manage for: drop-down menu and select Activity Grid to see existing columns, and to add or remove columns
    Tip: Use the Search bar to filter for existing columns by name or type.
  4. To add a Column, click Add New and select the Column type
  5. Configure the columns as needed. On the Field Details side panel, you can modify the following details:
    • Name (Field ID)
    • Set Help Text to provide users an explanation of what they should be entering
    • Editable options, which allow editors to make changes to options in drop-down lists. (This option is specific to drop-down lists)
    • Set the columns as Required, if you want to ensure data will be entered
    • Lock the column (select which users the column will be locked for)
      Note: The Column Type is not editable once the column has been created
      Note: The new column must be added to a view so that is visible in the Activity Grid


Removing Columns

  1. On the Columns tab, highlight the column you want to delete
  2. Click the Delete button
  3. On the Confirm Delete pop up window, click Yes
    Note: Once you delete a column, all the values within that column for each workspace will be deleted and you can’t get it back!
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