Viewing Import History & Schedules


Purchase Orders (POs) and Actuals are brought into Allocadia to assist in reconciling your Planned Spend with your Actual Spend throughout the fiscal year. When tracking, your marketing spend data, you may want to look back into your Import files to better understand what’s been brought into Allocadia. The Import History feature in Allocadia shows you a full inventory of all the import files. You can see which items were mapped, unmapped, or considered duplicates by the application.

  1. On the Home tab, click the Import History icon
  2. On the Import History and Schedules pop up window, click the name of your desired import
    Tip: Click on the Schedules tab to view scheduled imports.
    Note: Deleted imports will be greyed out.
  3. On the Import Details tab, you can alternate between the Mapped, Unmapped, Replaced, Duplicates and Deleted tabs to see the status of your import
    Tip: If you would like to look at another import you can return to the Past Imports Tab and select a different import or click the File Name drop-down menu to select an alternate Import.

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