Reporting on Multi-Select Fields


Multi-Select fields enable multiple options to be selected and the attribution percentage weighted. An example of a Multi-Select field is a Marketing Objective where the spend should be attributed to both Lead Generation and Up-sell Cross-sell. Creating Reports with Multi-Select fields allows you to compare a metric with these attributes to help you track your spend when you need to split an activity across multiple allocations.

  1. On the Insights tab, click the Edit button in the top right-hand corner
    Best Practice: You can only report on one Multi-Select field when creating a report, therefore we recommend you limit the number of multi-select fields in Allocadia to avoid confusion.
  2. Click the Create Report button on the GoodData menu bar
  3. Click the What button and define your Metric
    Note: The first column displays a list of folders that contain related reports. Clicking on a particular folder will display the contained metrics in the second column. All Metrics displays all of the metrics available in the current project. Metrics that have a * following the name are used to report on a Multi-Select field.
  4. Click the How button and define your Attribute
  5. Click Done.
    Note: The Attributes and Metrics will display in the order that you have chosen them. If they are out of order you can drag and drop them in the report to reorder them. You cannot mix Attributes and Metrics together. 
  6. Click the Create button in the top right of the window. 
    Note: If you see (empty value) in your report that means there are items within your Marketing  Activities that have not been tagged with the associated attribute. 
  7. On the pop-up window, fill out the required fields by naming the report, adding a description, choosing where it should be located and whether it should be visible or not. When complete, click the Create button.
    Note: If the Make Report Visible To All Users box is not checked, then only the person who created the report will be able to see it. 
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