Creating Outbound Actions


Allocadia’s Outbound Actions feature allows you to push data out to downstream systems with the click of a button. Allocadia can send data to other systems such as Purchase Order systems, CRM, Automation systems, and even Project management systems at the User's request. This allows users to easily merge and align their data across their different applications.

Creating a New Action:

  1. On the Home Tab, click the Master/Custom Settings in line with your desired Folder or Sub-folder
    Note: On the Master Settings level, you can see a list of all Actions that have been defined for the entire Hierarchy. When viewing Actions at the Custom Settings, you cannot see Actions that were defined at the Master Settings level.
  2. On the Settings page, navigate to the Actions Tab under Cloud Exchange on the left side
  3. Click the New Action button and select the type of Action you would to create
    Note: Email actions send an email to a specified address when triggered. It allows you to define a message and which data, from your workspace, will be sent to specified recipients when triggered. URL actions open a new window with a URL when triggered.
  4. Fill in the required fields as desired.
    Note: The fields you can edit are as follows:
    - Action Name: The name that is displayed on the list of Actions
    - Label: The button label displayed on the Details Panel
    - Available Fields: This Tab lists all the fields that are available to be added
    - Action: If you would like a field to always need a value before the action can be triggered, click the Required checkbox
  5. Once you have defined which fields are required, select the checkbox of the level you would like the Action to be triggered from.
    Note: The Action can be triggered by Category, Sub-category, Line Item or Placeholder level Details Panel.
  6. Set up the URL or Email that will be triggered.
    - For Email Actions: Fill in the To: text box with the email address of the desired recipient. Separated multiple email addresses by using a comma.  Unless changed, emails will come from, but you can add a name here that shows in the From field of the email.
    - For URL Actions: When configuring a URL, you can add data as either part of the path or as query parameters. In most circumstances, data is passed using query parameters. The new Open URL action editor allows you to define what data is pushed out of Allocadia to be picked up by a downstream system such as Salesforce. This functionality allows an admin to input a plain text URL and selected data feed into the URL.
  7. Once you are satisfied with the Action, press the Save button.
Note: The parameter names you need to add to a URL depend on the software you are trying to link to and what data you need to pass. Allocadia is here to help with specific use cases, contact your Professional Service Consultant or Support at
Note: If you would like more information on action variables please see the article Understanding Action Variables
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