Automating Campaign Creation In SFDC


Allocadia can significantly reduce the amount of duplicate entry and manual work by passing campaign details directly to Salesforce to create new campaigns, streamlining the marketing operations workflow by automating the campaign creation process within Salesforce.

Note: This method relies on Salesforce email services and the parsing of emailed campaign data from Allocadia. To complete this setup, you must be an Administrator of both Allocadia and Salesforce.


Allocadia - Creating your Email Action:

Follow the instructions in our Outbound Actions support article to create your new email action. The body of the email should include all of the fields that will be used in your Salesforce campaign. In order to easily parse the email, it is recommended you have one field per line.

Note: Any mandatory campaign fields configured in Salesforce must be included in your email action. Use your own email address in the To: text box to test your email action.


Salesforce - Create Inbound Email Handler:

In order to receive the email in Salesforce, you must set up an inbound email handler Apex class and create a new email service.

Best Practice: We recommend using a dedicated email for the purpose of this automation. For example:

  1. In Salesforce, click on Your Name -> Setup -> Develop -> Apex Classes
  2. Create a new Apex class in Salesforce that implements the Messaging.InboundEmailHandler interface (to implement this interface, you need to define a single method)


Salesforce - Setting up Your Email Service:

  1. In Salesforce, click on Your Name -> Setup -> Develop -> Email Services
  2. Click on New Email Service
  3. Enter a name for your Email Service and specify the Apex Class created above
    Note: If you want to limit the addresses from which this service will receive emails, you can enter in the Accept Email From field.
  4. Click Save and New Email Address


Salesforce - Email Address Settings:

Tip: Make Sure the Context User (which defaults to you) is a user who has the proper permissions to create campaigns.
  1. Fill in your required Fields
  2. Click Save and copy the email address that you just created


Allocadia - Editing Your Outbound Action:

  1. In Allocadia, edit the To: field to include the Salesforce email that you have just created
  2. Click Save
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