Understanding Column Types


Columns and Fields are the building blocks of how you organize marketing spend data in Allocadia. Understanding different Column and Field types assist you in better utilizing and setting up your instance of Allocadia according to your organization’s needs. This enables endless possibilities for you to track your marketing activities through seamless customization.

Note: Depending on where you are choosing to add items, the types of Columns and Fields that you can create will vary. Some Columns or Fields can only be created in specific locations of Allocadia.
Column Type Description Location Example
Currency A Currency input Column that is utilized to track spend Activity Grid, PO panel, or Actuals panel Monthly Plan column
Commit A Column that is used to track contracted purchase amounts associated with an activity by pulling sums from the PO Panel Activity Grid PO Column
Calculation A calculated column that pulls values from input currency columns. This column type is utilized to show the sum of multiple inputs. In the workspace, a calculated column will show a calculator icon beside it. Activity Grid FY Plan column
Drop-down List A preset list of options. Activity Grid, Details Panel, PO panel, Actuals panel, Roll-up panel, or Grand Total panel. Regions field
Multi-select List A preset list of options where multiple options can be selected and the attribution percentage can be weighted Details panel Marketing Objective field

Number or Metric

A non-currency numeric input Activity Grid, Details panel, PO panel, Actuals panel, Roll-up panel or Grand Total panel Target # Expected Impressions field
Text or Reference # A text input field that accepts letters, numbers, and symbols. This field is utilized for any entry that requires all printable characters such as unique IDs, descriptions, notes, etc. Activity Grid, Details panel, PO panel, Actuals panel, Roll-up panel or Grand Total panel Actuals Description field
Date A date / calendar field. Activity Grid, Details panel, PO panel, Actuals panel, Roll-up panel or Grand Total panel Start Date field
Invoice A field calculated from inputs in the Amount column on the Actuals panel. Activity Grid Actuals column
Non-calculating Currency An input currency field that does not aggregate. Activity Grid, Details panel, Roll-up panel or Grand Total panel Q1 Finance Target 
Best Practice: Drop-down lists help to keep data clean and consistent for reporting purposes.
Note: The character limit for the text field is 255 characters
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