Customizing the Banner


Allocadia gives you the option to personalize your organization’s instance for your users with Custom Branding. This allows you to match the header to your organization’s brand and style.

  1. Click into your name's drop down menu at the top right of the screen and select the Organization Settings.
  2. Select Custom Branding from the side menu to navigate to the Custom Branding page
  3. On the Custom Branding page, click on the background color icon to choose the background color
    Note: Do not change background colors if you would like to leave Allocadia’s default custom color.
  4. Upload your logo by clicking the Choose & Upload File button
    Note: Please note the file must meet Allocadia’s requirements.
  5. Select your Menu Theme
    Tip: The Menu Theme controls the color of the buttons on the header. If your background is a light color, you will want to use a dark Menu Theme and vice versa to balance the contrast.

    Tip: Your Custom Branding will not display until you select the Enable Custom Branding checkbox.
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